Learning 2 shine

Learning to be happy with me again.. Is learning to be okay without you. It’s learning to live with the fact that I am enough regardless of what you said. It’s smiling even though I spent so much time frowning and crying over thing’s you’ve said to me. Learning to be happy with me again… Is realizing that I am the key to my own happiness, my own greatness, my own vision of love. Once again I’ve learned that the absence of someone else does not define my future..

Learning that the key to the outcome of any version of events is ones self is evolution. It’s healing because once you realize that only ones self can be responsible for your fate, then and only then can you unlock the power of your spirit. We have to stop letting what we feel and gather energy wise from other people determine how we react. Learning that we can choose to let something hurt us or contribute to our healing is power. Knowing and learning that those tears I shed for you will only contribute to my happiness later down the road helps me learn to be happy with me again. While I’m in the process of learning to be happy with me again, I’m also seeing growth from myself in every way.

Learning to be happy with me again.. Learning to be okay with failures. It’s being okay with having to start over again, with not winning every time. Learning to be okay with me again is knowing when to forgive for you, but it’s also realizing that you’ll never forget. The biggest part of my healing right now is learning to forgive myself, for not seeing the signs of destruction in myself before anyone else. Learning to be happy again.. Is proving the naysayers wrong, but most of all proving yourself right about who you are. It’s moving forward and making the changes in ones self to be able to shine again..

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