Seduce me πŸ’‹ #Erotica

Keep going.. Seduce me!

Slide you hands In between my things as we sit side by side! My head tilted backwards, nose pointed to the air taking in the scent of seduction as we take it there. Slowly move your hand inside my panties, dipping your fingers in my puddle of lust with your ear pressed against my lips. Listen as my breaths becomes more erratic, seduce me! I’ll help undress you as you use your free hand to undress me too.

Seduce me as we lay across from one another admiring the sexual tension built up in our naked bodies. Watch me, watching you as I crawl up on my knees, body aiming to please, tongue out ready to taste every inch of you that lays here before me. I’ll start at you you chest, then lick up to your neck, as you body moves mine does too. Down the middle of your chest, on to the place that has you guessing what’s next.. I’ll try an swallow you. But as I please you, dick in mouth, chin fool of drool, Seduce me..!

Look me in the eyes, watching the spit drip from my bottom lip, your toes curled and your dick stiff. But before you get off I’ll quit. I’ll stop sucking and sit my pussy on your face. No hesitation, there is nothing for you to say,.. Just seduce me! Growl into my water box as you use your tongue to explore my pussies secret hot spots. I’ll put my hand on your head to hold you in place as I wined my waist and slowly fuck your face.

Seduce me.. But don’t let me Cum yet! Flip me onto my side, leg up positioning me for the ride. Look me back in my eyes as you slide your thick member inside while you begin to stroke me. The deeper you go, the further beside my head my leg will too. Our breathing sink up as you lean down into my ear. “Fuck me back..” you demand as you grip my hands, putting them behind my back so that you control my movements. I do as I’m told, move my hips in a circle as I throw my ass back on you.

My body will finally give in to you as you flip me over onto my knees positioning us where I can use the mirror to look back at you. Use one hand to grip my waist, the other on the bottom of my chin holding me in place. Seduce me with your intimacy as I go into a full arch taking you in inch by inch. I’ll angle my head so that I can look in the mirror and watch you bite your bottom lip as you dig off inside of me rubbing my clit. My eyes grow big, face serious as it gets while my body readies to have an orgasm for you. It doesn’t take long before I do!

But we’re not done yet, seduce me! Push my lower back in as you beat my walls wet. I’ll hold you by your wrists, teeth gritted, moans loud as they can get. I submit to you as you flip me into missionary. One leg on your shoulder, my hands pushed above my head cupped in yours as you slide back inside. I squeeze my eyes shut, my mouth opened wide, I could feel myself about to cum again as you nibble on my nipples. You lean into my ear, teeth gritted.. “Yea’ I feel them legs starting to shake.. Gimme’ that nut! I’m the one who’s working for it.”

“Ughh yes.. Right there please don’t stop. Ewww baby I’m Cumming..” I’ll moan as my body let’s go and my river starts to flow. Just like a beast you’ll lean up and go deep, watching in amazement at how wet I can be as you pound your member into me. My body goes into convulsion as you start to jerk inside giving me all of your soul ties, both of us peering into each other’s eyes. As you crumble on top of me, listening to my heart beat I smile inside. I’ll look at you with your cum on my pussy lips and I’ll say, “Keep going.. Seduce me!”

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