Donyaz Corner Tea Time πŸ”” (navigating through loss)

Hey Luvz!Let’s sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we chat…

When ever we suffer a loss weather it be death, moving forward and leaving things in the past, or heartbreak… To mourn is natural. We naturally miss the things or people that we grow to love and that’s okay. But during this process its important to remember not to beat yourself up. To take care of your mental by focusing on the positives. Focusing on the bullets you dodged, or the strengths you’ll unlock within yourself through loss.

When it comes to the loss of a family member that you’re close to, that mourning process could take a lifetime. This one is the most tricky because you’re connected to your family in more ways than emotional. This is a loss that can change and alter you because essentially you lose a part of yourself, internally. During this mourning stage (that I’m currently going through) is when you’ll fall the hardest. You’ll find that you have to dive deep inside yourself to uncover the power to be okay with this one. In this situation the mourning process doesn’t end and the pain doesn’t go away, but it becomes more manageable with the day by day healing steps.

The mourning process of leaving things behind or moving on is a bit easier. During this process loneliness becomes a huge factor. When you have to leave behind a place or something you’re use to its more scary than anything. Its scary because we adapt and learning to adapt again means new.. NEW means vulnerable. New means relearning ourselves. In this time it is important to be open to new possibilities so that you’re allowed to meet new people and experience new situations for what they are. It’s important to face your new Journey head on in a positive way, and not as if you’re leaving things behind but gaining and no indulging in a new experience.

When it comes to the loss of the person you’ve fallen in love with, that is about as tricky as the loss of a family member but also vary different. It’s different because when you fall in love you give a part of yourself to that person that you could never give anyone else. You allow this person to learn your darkest secrets, the greatest and most interesting parts of you. The two of you will share an unspoken bond that can literally crush you once you have to leave it behind. That’s because heart-ties are real, and pulling them apart is like ripping your own heart out.

When leaving this type of love behind its best not to harp on the bad, and self-pity is not allowed. Focus on what you learned, not only about love but about yourself. Focus on rebuilding the parts of you that were brown in the fight foe love. Remember that it’s okay not to be okay, its okay to be okay without them too. Find new hobbies, stay busy but also give yourself time for self love/care. Most of all in this process, the most important part is remembering to forgive, forgive them and forgive yourself.

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