The Kings Tune🎼🎺 #Dark #poetry Something for Halloween

I can’t hear you.. your voice echos in the distance but it’s fading..! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear your footsteps and I can’t hear your heavy breathing any longer

I shiver in fear as the darkness surrounds me and the air grows thick around me. The howls of the thing’s in the dark bounce around the empty spaces. I can hear them.. the dark ones

The ones who take us. The ones who have no fear because the darkness is theirs. I can no longer hear you, but I can smell them. The foul smell of despair, sorrow, anger and regret. The smell of weakened spirits and sunken dreams

In the distance behind the dark ones.. the music, the body controlling tune from the Dark Kings ballroom where the devils dancers danced could be heard. The erratic symphony of the clarinet piano and cello were consuming..

As if the tune that the Devils Dancer’s danced to was pulling me into a sunken place. As If this tune was what controlled the things in the dark. It had to be what held them at bay as my body unwillingly moved through the darkness toward the ballroom where that tune played

I can no longer hear you, nor can I see you, smell you or feel you. All I could feel was the tune that had taken over my body, and the howls from the things in the dark. I hold on as I let go, in hopes that the same tune that had consumed me had consumed you too..

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