Nodika’s Sexual Excursions (Cemetery serving) πŸŽƒ #dark/erotica

I watched as Mr walked back and forth on the phone as he stood outside of the gas station pacing. I could tell he was talking about business and I could also tell the call wasn’t going as planned. Even though this was true I couldn’t deny how fine my husband was. The way his lips moved, the way his chest poked out as he paced back and forth, the way the setting sun bounced off of his brown skin was all turning me on. I couldn’t help but spread my thighs and slide my hands underneath my skirt.

I was already getting moist and as I looked through the window at him and he looks back they really start to flow. We lock eyes and it was clear he was trying to figure me out. Him knowing me though.. it didn’t take long for him to figure out what my freaky ass was up to. Mr slowly makes his way over to my side of the car and taps on the window. Still on the phone he points to the bathroom on the side of the stop and go. I knew what he wanted me to do but I shake my head no.. I wanted it my way.

I continue to rub my pussy lips and slide only the tip of my index finger inside of me as he watches from the outside of the car. I loved when he watched me, it only made me get nastier. Finally his call ends and Mr hops back in the driver seat and starts to head the opposite way of home. I lean my seat back to get on my knees and service my favorite attribute on my man. His dick was already half way ready, it jumps as soon as my mouth wraps around the head.

Mr reaches over, raises my skirt and slaps me across the ass leaving a stinging feeling behind. I use my right hand to stroke the base as I suck on him and roll my neck in a circular motion. I feel the car come to a stop and my eyes damn near bulge out of my head when I see where we were. “Why are we here Mr? We can’t be in a cemetery.” I panic. Mr grabs me by the back of my neck snatching me out of his lap. “You like being watched anyways. Bend over this console and don’t say shit else.”

I obliged without any questions asked. The way that man loved me with structure only made me all the more horny. I do as I’m told.. bend over the middle console with my head damn near laying on the backseat. I rub my nipples and listen to Mr unzipping his pants. I was expecting to feel dick off in me but instead the feeling of his entire mouth cuffs my wet peach. Mr cups his mouth in a sloppy oval and starts to suck on my pussy as he flicks my pearl at the Same time.

I reach back an pull his head deeper into me.  His nasty ass runs his thick tongue from my pussy up to my ass, then back down my ass Crack stopping to kiss the back of my thighs before shoving his tongue back into my pussy.  “Oh my goodness Mr yes.. Please keep doing that.” He slides his middle finger inside of me hooking his finger to hit that spot that made my peach act up. I arch my back as he spreads my pussy lips apart and licks around my minora..

The sound of his wet tongue slurping on my pussy as he finger fucks me was driving me crazy. Mr was on his back, eyes closed munching on me as if this peach was the best peach he had ever tasted. I had my head down looking at him, admiring him until I feel my body start to tighten up. I look out over all the headstones and tighten my kegals around his finger and tongue as My orgasm starts to build. He must know my body just as well as me because he used his free hand to give me another slap on my ass.“You better not cum yet.” He demands.

I zone in on the biggest headstones in the cemetery trying to do as I was told.. but Mr was eating my pussy so good that I couldn’t help myself. My knees lock and my eyes widen as my honey nectar starts to gush down into his mouth and all over his face. “I’m sorry Mr.. Ooh my goodness I’m cumming Mr I’m so sorry”! He smacks my ass and snatches his finger from inside of me releasing another orgasm and wave of water into his already soaked beard. He gets up and pulls my neck back by my chin shoving his tongue down my throat.

Looking at the mess I had made on his face makes my pussy jump. He pulls his shirt off and wraps it around my neck as he enters me with aggression.“Which finger do you want me to put in your ass.. the thumb or the middle finger.” I couldn’t talk. The shirt was tight and I was focused on taking ever inch of his dick. Mr bites his bottom lip the way he did when I was making him feel good as he watches my ass bounce while I fuck him back.

I reach up and squeeze my nipples as tiny trear drops of pleasure fall from the corners of my eyes. This man knew exactly what it was that my pussy needed, what my soul yearned for and vice-versa. Mr licks his thumb and slowly enters my backside without once breaking his stroke pattern. He loosens up on the shirt and as I gasp for air but he shows no mercy as he pushed my head forward and fucks me harder. I could feel myself on the verge of another orgasm but I try and fight it off the best I could.

That is until Mr goes to growling and groaning. I pull one of my legs forward so I could throw my ass back and handle the situation for a minute. I reach between my legs and start to massage his balls with one hand, and rub my clit with the other. “Fuck Nodika you boudda’ make me nut. Come here.. eat my nut.” Mr grabs me by the hair and I stick my tongue out with a grin as he leans up off of his knees to stuff my face.

His cum mixed with my juice was everything in my mouth. I keep sucking even after I’d drank the prize causing my dom’s knees to lock and his member to stay at attention. I push Mr back so that he’s sitting on his knees again and climb right on top of him, this time I ride it on my tip-toes. I watch the mist layer the Graves around us and I can’t lie.. it was making me even wetter. It was like we had a watcher from every Era, from every nationality, it was wrong, but it was so intimate.

Mr pulls me in by the bottom of my chin staring me dead in the eyes. I bite his bottom lip as hard as I could as my orgasm was building up. As soon as I drew blood it was as if I burst all over him and my legs lock up. My eyes start to roll as if I was possessed or something.“Yeah that’s right Nodika Cum for me Baby… Oh my goodness yes baby look at the way your Mr makes you cream up.. look at that shit..!”

His eyes grow wide as the nectar drips from my honey pot down the base of his thriving member. We look at each other and let out a little laugh. I kiss his lips and hop off of his lap leaving my essence behind with pride. “Damn we’re nasty” I giggle. Mr slaps me across one ass cheek and kissed the other as I cross over him. “Nasty is the only way to keep yo’ ass in line.”

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