The Loud 9 šŸ‘ŗ

Shh.. you’re to loud! I can’t think when all of you are yelling at once. I can’t think when everyone of you have singular thoughts and something to say.

Shh.. It’s way too loud for me to concentrate and demonstrate normal sane acts. It’s way to loud inside of here for there to just be one me trying to hear all nine of you. Just one me giving everyone of you what you need while I pray for normal.. while I plead.

Shh.. I’ll say it again until the lot of you go back behind your doors. No yelling, don’t all talk at once, don’t all argue.. how about we pretend? Pretend you aren’t there, pretend the host is just one. Shh.. it’s way too loud in here.. So loud that I can not feel, It’s just the nine of you, that’s all that I hear through bloodied ears!

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