As I grow…๐ŸŒณ

As a spirit that lt is constantly growing I have cried. I have been hurt and overcome, I have looked into the eyes of death and came out on my feet. I have failed and failed again with the determination to win. As a growing spirit I have learned to love and felt heartbreak. I have stayed where I wasn’t appreciated and had to see the darkness parts of me..

As a growing spirit I have made mistakes and tried to correct them too. I have lived without and figured out how too. I have seen hate and what hate can do. As a growing spirit I have made promises that I couldn’t keep that led me to vow and never to do. I have given disappointment and been on the receiving end as well. I have loved a man who was only put on this planet to give me hell and still I believe that love will prevail.

Still growing and still learning I have felt and I have been numb. I have fought against myself time and time again for some battles to be lost and others that were won. I have wiped the tears of people who have found pleasure in my pain. I have needed and been the needy one. In this process of growth I have shared me and kept me hidden away. I have lost myself in someone else only to be doubted and kiss the lips of someone who is no longer allowed to speak my name.

As I grow with my third eye opening again, I realize that I have fallen down so.. many times just to get back up again. I have broken people when I was sent to help them. I have been the one that protected my pain instead of throwing it away. I have smiled on days when my heart did nothing more than cry. I have fallen back from things that I should have given my all. As a spirit that is constantly growing, I have learned to let go of the thing’s that do not provide any positive effects in the energy of my ora as I continue to grow. – Donnie sharrell

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