When I met you…🖤

When I met you I knew that it was me and you through it all no matter what trials we had to go through. When I met you my heart grew bigger knowing that I had to live for two. It was the song of our silence and the movement of our own love tune. It was the essence of us that I clung too.. or maybe it was the sound of me and you.

When I met you I knew that our love was a once in a life time. It was only made for there to be a me and you! When I met you I caved into your masculinity and found my protector, my peace. I met my match and there was no longer just thinking for me. It was you who found that barrier that kept me from giving my heart away. It was the makeup of you inside and out that I needed to see.

When I met you I prayed that I had found my one and only. I could feel you feeling me which allowed me to feel what you needed in me. When I met you I met a new side of me. I met the fear of loving somebody who could possibly be pretending to love me. I found a place that I could hide all of my darkness and find all of my light. When I met you I found the castle of love that was build for us..

When I met you I met a heart full of trauma and a love that glowed. I found a man who was trying to find in me what the others refused to know. When I met you I met a part of you that not even you knew. You took the time to find me like I took the time to listen and learn you. When I met you I found a pain of a lost love that I never thought I even knew. But now I know.. It was you! -Donnie sharrell

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