What love said #poetry

She said… love is a slippery slope. You can be standing at the top, walking with grace, head held high, love in your eyes, and then you start to slip. It’s damn near impossible to catch yourself but sometimes we do. It’s not impossible. It’s all about your will to survive, to continue to be back on top of the slope so commonly known as being in love.

She said… I loved you even when you told me not to. I loved you because you are worthy. Because you fight against the statistics that were set upon you and there is no box big enough to define you. I loved you because there was a greatness in you that called to me. Because when I was in doubt looking at you smiling through that caged in spirit gave me the strength to push through obstacles and overcome things that you never even knew of.

She said… love can be anything you nurture it to be but what you’re putting into it is what you can expect to receive. It can be your greatest accomplishment or it can be your darkest hurt. It can be as easy as Sunday morning. Love is what we make of it and not what we ever expect it to be. She said.. love has no eyes, but it definitely has needs to be what it was intended to be.

She said… Don’t be like me! Trust in the process of love even if sometimes it’s not what u wanted it to be. Love and let yourself be loved. Respect and walk in the art of love with the up most dignity and never let hard times cause you to give up. Love can make you feel high and love can bring you down to a low. But you know like I know that without this pattern of love there would be not 1 of us.

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