Heart in flames 🔥 #poetry

Photo By: Donnie Sharrell

I watch you burn away a flashing heart that was once a universal note as my heart releases what yesterday and the day before have revealed. I watch as the flames turn my handwritten let go into ash and form a flaming heart giving me the sign of all signs. As the heart burns I burn inside with the passion to heal. I watch you burn away transforming into a flashing heart of flames. A symbol of what I’d allowed my fragile heart to become. A symbolic notion of the passion, strength, love and loss that created the makeup of me. I watch as you burn away.. a flashing heart, my offer to the spirit guides in return for an answer, a sign. One that they so gracefully responded to by sending the burning hearts symbol. As I watch you burn away a flashing heart, I gaze into the ashes of my singed yesterday with my heart engulfed in flames!

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