Rise of the year πŸŒŸ

We never know what is meant for us.. but we have to take risks to even find out. A new year has begun and it’s times to let go of what we didn’t accomplish last year. It’s okay if that love failed, it’s okay if you didn’t get the job, and it’s alright if you had to leave some things behind. It’s alright because every day that we wake up is the chance to begin again. Every new year is a new year that you get 12 whole months to work on you… To get your ass back up and try again.

Yes we win some and we lose some. Yes it’s hard to move forward, but hard does not mean impossible. My Luvz, now that we get a fresh start it’s on us to make the most of the chance to do it. We have to step out on a limb and hold ourselves accountable so that this year won’t feel like every other year that has passed us by. The world around us is changing. It’s dying, and we lived through a pandemic. But we get the chance to live… nevertheless.

Love that person you’ve been so scared to fall in love with just to fall because how do you know if you never try. Be okay with not knowing even if not knowing means failure, you’ll have experienced it. Quit that job and focus on your own business. Why because you have to have the faith in yourself before others will. Have that baby. Your legacy is important, it’s your love and light. If the people or person around you don’t support your decision then don’t be afraid to do it alone.

We never know what the cards holds for us, but what fun would it be if we did? It’s a new year and you get to do with it as you please, as long as you’re living for you. Try new things, work on yourself, let go of past trauma, meet new people. You have been given a book with blank pages and is time you write your own story luvz. We can no longer be okay with being complacent in this new year. It’s time to rise.

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