Stay with me tonight 💗

Come, just stay with me tonight! Let me rub your head while you rest in between my thighs and tell me about the things that you felt you had to hide. Tell me about your rough days, and show me all the emotions you’ve kept tucked away.

Stay with me tonight so that I can give you peace of mind. So that right here, at this moment in time our mental connections will align. Stay with me so that I can give you body-to-body contact. I want to show you that you can let go and leave the pleasing up to me, I can handle that.

Let me in. Come, stay with me tonight, and let go of that box the world has put you in. See here with me, there is no need to fight for your life. It’s your right to be able to love, laugh and be who you’re intended to be. Come stay with me tonight and let me show you that your peace can also involve me.

Stay with me tonight and talk to me. Tell me your aspirations, your obligations, and the reason that you walk in the manner that you do. I want you to stay with me and let me take a deep dive into the King that you are. Let me massage your body while I ease your mind, right here at the moment in time. Come, stay with me tonight…

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