The Loud 9 👺

Shh.. you're to loud! I can't think when all of you are yelling at once. I can't think when everyone of you have singular thoughts and something to say. Shh.. It's way too loud for me to concentrate and demonstrate normal sane acts. It's way to loud inside of here for there to just be … Continue reading The Loud 9 👺

The Kings Tune🎼🎺 #Dark #poetry Something for Halloween

I can't hear you.. your voice echos in the distance but it's fading..! I can't hear you! I can't hear your footsteps and I can't hear your heavy breathing any longer I shiver in fear as the darkness surrounds me and the air grows thick around me. The howls of the thing's in the dark … Continue reading The Kings Tune🎼🎺 #Dark #poetry Something for Halloween

Captor my captor! pt2 #trigger #Short-story

Thanks for tuning in Luvz… Present: Colin watches me eat the food with intense excitement.”See I told you you’d enjoy the food Nayja, now once you relax our friendship can begin.” I wanted to cry so bad but the tears were stuck behind fear and confusion. “I don’t want to be your friend, i just want to … Continue reading Captor my captor! pt2 #trigger #Short-story

Night & Day! #awareness #Short-story #trigger-warning

Let's try another awareness warning piece Luvz! Daphne could barely breathe as Josh gripped her around the neck, she lays still and waits for him to finish. It felt like he went on for ever, then finally his body starts to jerk and Josh crashes on the bed beside her with a sweat covered brow. … Continue reading Night & Day! #awareness #Short-story #trigger-warning