Thanks for tuning in luvz…

Soft whispers from the deep baritone in your voice send lingering sensations down to my pearl

I slip my hands down in between my thighs breathing heavily as I imagine what your hands would feel like if they were placed where mine were that vary moment

The sound of your evenly toned breathing causes my heart to race as the pace of my hand quickens and I spread my thighs as far apart as they’d go

We share soft whispers between us that ignites the passion deep inside of me, but this you do not know

You cannot see as I use the tips of my fingers to message the opening of my peach, or see the grooves imprinted on my bottom lip from the pleasure bites you’d caused me to do

You cannot see how my back is arched and I squeeze my eyes shut, or how my body starts to shake and my toes had begun to curl

As I listen to your baritone whispers in my ear I mute you so you cannot hear the squeals that escape me

I have no clue what it is about you that turns me on or makes me fell so horny and sexy

It may just be your being, it may just be your laugh, it may be the soft whispers we share, or it may be that sexy baritone echo and how you say it with your chest that’s makes me spread my legs, cum and crash! -Donnie Sharrell

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