2023 Rise

We never know what is meant for us.. but we have to take risks to even find out. A new year has begun and it's times to let go of what we didn't accomplish last year. It's okay if that love failed, it's okay if you didn't get the job, and it's alright if you … Continue reading 2023 Rise

Universal guidance awareness! ðŸŒŽðŸŒ

There are universal and spiritual guides within the universe that guide us. They know our hearts, our deepest secrets, our fears, and even our unmentioned regrets. These spirits were put here to guide us, to help free us... But a heart knows only what it is allowed to feel. It can only react to what … Continue reading Universal guidance awareness! ðŸŒŽðŸŒ

Nodika’s Sexual Excursions (Cemetery serving) 🎃 #dark/erotica

I watched as Mr walked back and forth on the phone as he stood outside of the gas station pacing. I could tell he was talking about business and I could also tell the call wasn't going as planned. Even though this was true I couldn't deny how fine my husband was. The way his … Continue reading Nodika’s Sexual Excursions (Cemetery serving) 🎃 #dark/erotica

The Kings Tune🎼🎺 #Dark #poetry Something for Halloween

I can't hear you.. your voice echos in the distance but it's fading..! I can't hear you! I can't hear your footsteps and I can't hear your heavy breathing any longer I shiver in fear as the darkness surrounds me and the air grows thick around me. The howls of the thing's in the dark … Continue reading The Kings Tune🎼🎺 #Dark #poetry Something for Halloween