Lost-Endz Mountain B&B 2 #Short-story #saga

I leave the boys in the car to go and chat with the pale lady in the wolf print robe. She didn't move an inch until I was standing at the bottom step, then the lady forms a pressed smile."I see someone got caught up in this nasty winter storm, are you okay dear"? Her … Continue reading Lost-Endz Mountain B&B 2 #Short-story #saga

Pieces of you! #mother #poetry

Picking apart the pieces of you that make me through a genetic makeup of perfectness A perfectness that no one can make me feel otherwise about because what didn't destroy you taught me to overcome Picking apart the pieces of you that make me is when I feel the closes to you even though I … Continue reading Pieces of you! #mother #poetry

Night & Day! #awareness #Short-story #trigger-warning

Let's try another awareness warning piece Luvz! Daphne could barely breathe as Josh gripped her around the neck, she lays still and waits for him to finish. It felt like he went on for ever, then finally his body starts to jerk and Josh crashes on the bed beside her with a sweat covered brow. … Continue reading Night & Day! #awareness #Short-story #trigger-warning

Lost-Ends mountain B&B #1 #Short-story saga #thriller

The trees were covered in frost as our shaky Tahoe cut through the chilled Wyoming air. The drive from North Dakota to Utah had already been a hectic one with the twins nagging and fighting most of the way. Running from something is never an easy task, especially when you're running from something or someone … Continue reading Lost-Ends mountain B&B #1 #Short-story saga #thriller