When it all falls down

I know I'll get back up when It all falls down again I'll be as me as I can be wearing a mask of armor and a shield of peace When it all falls down again trying without defeat is who I'll be I'll overcome what they say cannot be overcame and defeat the image … Continue reading When it all falls down

BlackOut 4. #writing #Short-story saga

As Leo watched his wife's silhouette leading the way, he couldn't help but enjoy how peppy she'd been tonight. The dinner reservations Leo had made were miraculously canceled, so Rissa chose a pace for them. Leo was all in until he looks up and noticed where they'd just walked into, and immediately he starts to … Continue reading BlackOut 4. #writing #Short-story saga

AskDonya (The man’s leadership) #Informative conversation #Relationship

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Lets chat for a bit... Ok Luvz, now you all know I'm neutral when it comes to this love thing. But this time I have a clear focused audience Im speaking too, so ladies lets chat with the fellas. I was asked my opinion on what I want out of … Continue reading AskDonya (The man’s leadership) #Informative conversation #Relationship

Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Attachment vs Attraction) #informative-conversation #relationship discussion

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Let's sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we discuss Sexual attraction vs sexual attachment... So let me start off by saying most of us know what being sexually attracted to someone else feels like. But do you know the difference between that and a sexual attachment? … Continue reading Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Attachment vs Attraction) #informative-conversation #relationship discussion

Nodika’s Excursions #3 -Under the red light #Short-story #Erotica #writing

I could see the red light glowing as I made my way down the hallway toward that black door again. This time my hips swayed freely in a silk robe and the pink lace teddy I had climbed into. My bare feet slapped on the marble floors, my bonus bag in hand and my submission … Continue reading Nodika’s Excursions #3 -Under the red light #Short-story #Erotica #writing