If I could say… #poetry

I saw a quote the other day that read, ‘To miss you is to die repeatedly every day’! I didn’t have words to explain to you why, but I knew I could relate. All though I didn’t have the words that day, if I did, I’d probably say…

Hey, heart star! I miss everything about you, like the creases on your face. The creases that mark your smile lines when you’re laughing aloud and staring deep into me. I miss your conversation, your vibration, the way you groan when I’m doing that little thing and I get you to say my name.

I would probably say I miss how you look at me. Like truly look at me to see more than just my beauty. I would tell you that I miss how you teach me, how you can reach me through my mind before you even try to reach me through my spine. I’d tell you I miss the way your eyes glow when you talk about your family and having one of your own. Or how when you do it has me wanting to give birth to your child right then and you don’t even be knowing.

I’d tell you that I miss the way you snore and it sounds like a small train on the rails. I’d say that not just my heart… but also my mind, body, and soul miss you in every way. I would tell you I miss your greatness, your patience, your strength, and the way you beat the odds on a daily. Or maybe I would rather die repeatedly every day than just say…

“Damn, I miss you day after day in every way. I’ll wait, I’ll stay, please don’t let me continue to die inside”! I saw a quote that read, To miss you is to die repeatedly every day’! I still don’t know if I’ll ever have words to explain why that relates to me. But I do miss you in every way and not having that words won’t change the fact that you are my heartbeat, my life, every day.

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