Questioning return!

Is there something that you’re searching for here? There has to be a reason that you keep returning to the place where you left me all alone! My guard is up because I know you.. I know what that view of me can cause you to do.

Is there something that you need from me? You’ve already taken so much I can’t call what it could be that you still need from me? Are you here to give me back all the love that I waisted on you? Are you here to get back the safe place I made for us? Or are you back to make me watch you do you?

I’m asking because this is what’s eating at me so.. I do not know what it is you have returned to this vary spot to do? Maybe it’s to spite me, or maybe it’s to steal my love! I have no clue so I’m asking you.. is there something my heart can do for you?

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