AskDonya (The Art Of ForePlay) #Informational advice

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Let’s discuss the importance of foreplay

Now when it comes to the art of sex, all the foreplay finesse and sexual charm has for some reason been excluded. The internet has allowed sexual agreements to be made wth out connections and just a click. Movies and music have made courting and the chase seem useless. I’ve found that the passionate pleasure that sparks the physical part of sex has been overtaken by the acceptance aspect, this doesn’t sit well wth me.

Intercourse is supposed to be followed up by a spark that comes from your partners touch, special gesture, shared laughter. I say that to say that not all foreplay is sexual! Actually the best foreplay for me is mental because intellect actually excites me. Having somebody who can listen and engage, late night conversations that change from silly to sexy, end of the day talks and spontaneous body rubs. But don’t get me wrong, a good sexual foreplay is everything!

That kiss on the neck that sends chills down you’re spine,that thigh rub that continues to get higher, even that close body kiss and hug combo where you wrap her up in your arms. If the art of foreplay becomes nonexistent then sex will become something that has no emotional connected to it. The orgasms won’t be as intoxicating, the pleasure will be short and sweet, and the art of making love will die. We need those late night cuddles that lead to a little too much touching, those body kisses that get lower and lower, the ear nibbles and wrist ties. Those things keep the juices flowing and the mind filled with bliss.

Most women don’t require a man to turn her mind and body on all at once for fear of having too many expectations. Even though that’s true, that doesn’t mean this isn’t something that still gets us where we need to be sexually. Every women wants to be touched, kissed, rubbed in between her thighs and whispered to in her ear. The talks, the walks, the air swoops and the late night conversations do matter. It matters because most women need our hearts and minds touched with some type of stimulation before our rivers flow.

Foreplay isn’t only for the ladies either, men like to be turned on too. They want their chests rubbed, back massages and slow lip sucks. Men are a lot more attentive when their shown that foreplay is acceptable. Kiss on his neck and whisper little naughty things in his ear while you caress his manhood. Hop in the shower when he’s least expecting it, jump into his arms and lick his lips. Once he knows the bliss is exposed he’ll hop on board and the fire of foreplay will lead from there.

So luvz the next time you’re thinking about the act, add a little foreplay in there. Spice things up with role play, dress up, or a little lick and go. -Donnie Sharrell

8 thoughts on “AskDonya (The Art Of ForePlay) #Informational advice

  1. Thank you Donya for your blog post. You are so right about foreplay being a very essential element in the whole loving experience, especially having that big sex organ (the mind) stimulated. Sending you love and hugs too.

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      1. I wrote a blog post about this a short time ago, titled “Mindless Sex is Dead”, in which I expressed the same sentiments. It is very sad that there is no art left in the art of love and it has just turned into a release.
        I am not going to let that happen, if I have anything to do😁😁😁❀ with it.

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      1. Definitely! I think foreplay should be part of everyday like πŸ™‚

        I like Ben because just in regular mundane activities he will strike me, tickle me, squeeze me….and every single night there is a little foreplay. We don’t share in intercourse every single day….but we always get a little frisky…flirting and fondling…

        …it is important.

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