What do I do? #poem #love poetry

If I’m calling out for you but you never pay attention, what do I do then

If I’ve changed and I’ve tried to tell you why but you don’t hear me, what do I do then

When our ora is off and all I want is you but it feels like you’re pulling away, what do I do then

What do I do if you won’t let me love you the way I know you deserve to be loved and appreciated

What do I do if the feeling of our passion sinking is becoming more of a reality day by day

If day by day the smiles are fading and the love-work is going unnoticed, what do I do then

All I want is you, whether you’re wrong or right, mad or filled with bliss, unsure or feeling unworthy of the love that we’ve built

It’s only been you since the day our love tethered, you because you’re my safe space, you because without me there is no us and without us I cannot breathe correctly

It’s you I want, but what do I do if you won’t understand that we are a team and as a team we have to fight for us, what do I do then! -Donnie Sharrell

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