Ashes of the soul🌙 #Poem

As I burn from the inside out nobody can see the flames nor feel or see them

The flames are only for me

I’m meant to feel see and burn all by my lonesome as the fire creates the ashes of my soul

My soul that I no longer cherish a lit soul that I’ve struggled to find in the dark

As the fire builds up I overfill with the gritty tasting ashes of my soul

I burn but they can not see the flames that have exploded from the pit of my gut and can not feel the burns that burn me from inside

The fire Inside of me is what they cannot see because this fire it’s for me

It’s a fire that builds the ashes of my soul it’s a painful fire that I need

I need the fire that builds and burns inside because I know it’s the one and only thing that’s truly for me

As I burn inside out nobody can see because those ashes of the soul they belong to me!-Donnie Sharrell

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