Your heart is my heart!💙 Poem

Your heart is my heart an in that heart the beat belongs to you! In that little nook we share through the corner that nobody knows better than the lover that I choose

A chosen king to uplift his connected spiritual being! The one that was built up to be a match with me. In my heart through that darkness you’re the only one who can see!

Your heart is my heart an in that heart it’s filled with love steam! A steam from a heat that only rises when the thought of you enters an exits me!

As your heat fills me I feel the heartbeat that belongs to you. We’re imprinted on each other through a cosmic connection that rises in love through an through!

It’s me an it’s you because your heart is my heart. That little nook we share and have shared from the beginning of the start, it belongs to the chosen king that stands beside me as the warrior love, intelligent, hurt, mind sharp! -Donnie Sharrell

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