Heart poetry!

I gasp for air but it still feels as if I’m suffocating! Suffocating in the disarray of miscommunication and misunderstanding!

Non unapologetically confused and entangled in the rage you created but cannot get rid of. Yes a breaker but a fixer, no!

I reach up for help but help does not come to those who throw themselves down the hole with repeated forgiveness!

I’m unauthorized to let my heart be stepped on any longer unless you’re willing to put me back together!

Confessions of a lonely heart may be ignored, but can heartbreak ever be forgiven? If when I’m gasping for oxygen an you don’t offer to give me any, what am I to do then!

I cry out for he who is mine but the deafness of his heart drowns me out. Am I to be unrecognized as your connector piece an stay unconnected from my right to love! -Donnie Sharrell

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