Evil eye!

Evil eye that rises before the sun, an below the sky. What is it that you seek to see, visionary, evil eye? From the sorrow that surrounds us, to the missing of what we’ll never forget, is that what you envision with your evil eye. The eye that looks upon misunderstanding and miscommunication with a twinkle and a glow. Is there a reason that you seek to see the rise and fall of we who makeup the universe in full?

Evil eye who stores the ruthlessness of the people, who sees the unhappy algorithmic pattern that we create. Is the eye that sees evil without a connection at all? Is the evil in the eye formed by the disaster that we’ve created, because what we’ve created is too distorted to be fixed? Evil eye that watches from a far under the sky, what do you see that is beyond my reach, is it too high?

You sit an you see, what it is that is far from happy. Evil eye that knows what we don’t or won’t. Around the sun and through the universe you see, I can’t understand why your knowledge isn’t visible to me. Your vision is far and your knowledge is in-depth. Evil eye that cannot be seen, heard, or understood, why is your vision set on horror and the madness, the be?

Evil eye that sits up high, is there something you need to tell us? Is there a clue that we won’t ever find? You sit an you watch, you watch and you see the things that are horrific to the ones who be. What you see is not quite evil but not quite right. It’s for the eye that sees all that shouldn’t be endured. The evil eye that rises before the sun and under the sky, watch and be the visionary that will always be. That was before them and before I!

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