Do you ever!

Do you ever sit back and think of all the things that we’re going to accomplish as a team? Do you ever close your eyes and make out your future with me? How about the pretty babies we will make and all the pipe you’ll lay inside me? Do you ever sit and imagine what it’ll feel like when we’re body to body and you’re on top of me? I’m asking do you do the same things as me because these are things that I sit and obsess over when it comes to the you and I!

I sit and think about you until I can feel your hands caressing my things. I sit and I wine for you, while I rub myself so eager to feel you play inside. Do you touch yourself when you think of how I’ll sound whispering in your ear? I do, the sound of your voice only causes me to Yearn for you. I close my eyes at night and hold my polite tight, thinking of how you’ll feel up against me as we cuddle body to body in the night. Thinking of you is a sport that I do, wondering how you smell if I was to finally get close to you!

Do you ever sit and dream of the future we could build. The house we could build inside out and the way I’ll taste in your mouth? I do think about what it is I could do to you with my tongue around your tip and my eyes looking up at you. I lay under the covers at night and rub my center while thinking of how snug you’ll fit and the things I’m going to do for you. Im just wondering do you ever think of me how I think of you?

Im only asking because it seems to be all I do, that daydreaming thing that’s always about you. Even when I’m mad or even when I can’t stand you, I think about our future and the wedding Im going to have with you. Do you ever think of what I’ll look like in my dress walking down to you? Because I daydream of you in a tux and the first time I’ll get to look up and lay eyes on you. When I think about all the things that will involve me and you, my body goes weak and I get nervous about the thought of constantly being able to see you. Do you ever get heart palpitations when it comes to you being able to reach out and touch me in the future nothing between the two.

See when I think about the shape of your eyes and the way your lips sit, I can’t help but get horny and start to moisten abit. Do you ever have to stop yourself from getting worked up? Like, from the thought of you getting to grip me by my neck and fuck me until you fill me up with nut. I think of how you’ll jerk as you push and you pump, and how I will grip around your manhood with my flower as I get ready to cum. Do you ever imagine what it’ll feel like to hold me up? Hold me up as your tongue explores the back of my throat and you stick your biggest finger in me from behind making me crumble and crunch.

Do you want me as much as I want you? Im just wondering if the names of our kids and how you’ll watch me give birth to them ever pops up for you! Do you think of our past and how it’s going to make us unbreakable. Do you daydream on how it’ll be when we’ll combine families and make memories together in other people’s lives. Do you wonder how attached we’ll be and how it’ll feel when you stand behind me able to wrap your arms around my tiny hips. I think of these things all the time, especially about the nights we’ll spend, me not being able to hide the secrets I hold within.

My mind causes me to wonder of the brightness we will create. I wonder about how we’ll run our household and the rules you’ll create. Thinking about the way your hands will feel rubbing across my body only makes me daydream more. I daydream of how your sweat will taste fresh out of your pours, trickling onto my tongue, what I’m sure of is that I’ll definitely want to taste more. I think of you the closer we get, and the more time we are apart, wanting to be able to listen to your heartbeat and learn your pulse. Do you ever think of the things that will mold our future? Im just asking what you think of because I want to know! -Donnie Sharrell

One thought on “Do you ever!

  1. All the time.. it’s really only one word that can describe it!! Perfect!!! U definitely b on my mind day in n day out!! It’s like a drug n baby u got me hooked!!💯😘

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