When they ask!

When they ask me who was in the wrong, my response will be us! When they ask me why I didn’t fight harder I’ll say because he showed me what I had to give wasn’t enough! When they ask will I miss you, I’ll just turn my head and nod. When they ask why I’m so mad, I’ll say because I’m drunk in love. When they ask me am I going back I’ll say no because i learned what I didn’t want to learn. When they ask me what’s next, I’ll respond its my healing and being in moment of letting love burn!

6 thoughts on “When they ask!

      1. How would u say he begged u n2 a corner?? U don’t think u may have made him think u wasn’t fully invested n him?? Or he couldn’t live up to ur expectations?? If he a damaged guy n been thru alot n I’m sure u have urself but that should b enough reason to give him the patience needed to get things rite between y’all!!! I’m sure he loves u but maybe he just afraid to lose u!! Especially if y’all put time n n made promises to each other!! I don’t think u should give up on him so quickly!! U could b rushing n2 something u might regret or leaving the only one true love for u!! Remember this.. if u can’t go one day without thinking about a person.. it’s worth the world to give it another shot!! Don’t walk away from someone when all it takes is a conversation to fix things!! I believe he deserves that much.. u too!!!💯if u truly love n appreciate this guy.. don’t throw the towel n so fast!! Anything could happen tomorrow!!

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