The last goodbye letter! 💌

Look Im getting rid of everything after this… I spent 2 years loving you coming back losing myself in our love trying to find us for you to get disrespectful when u knew you was faking an falling out of love. I loved you for you but you can’t say the same I never cheated I didn’t lie. You couldn’t be solid you left because I didn’t tell u something or do or your way. Yes I have my faults and that’s koo, all I said was damn can u not beat me down 4 them an u couldn’t. I didn’t do you that way an Yeah bby u got a lot of faults too, but I said fuck um an took you for you!

I never after that 7 months got loved my way because it was the way u thought I needed. I swear to god I gave it my all an a month b4 we pass another year u couldn’t even get right with me. Like damn but I’m supposed to stfu listen an take it how u give it. I spent damn near 3 years with you an still its this still you CANT see no matter what I’m all in then you’re right u don’t deserve me then.

Nah bby and DONT show me anything feel it without me I’m done looking for my bff he’s gone. I don’t have to feel bad anymore for slipping away. My safe place is gone you’ve decided not to be him,l. Oh yeah and I’m not what you’re looking for anymore. You’ll never let me be back to me an I see that now. I really tried to stick it out, I tried to love you for who you was inside and out. Were not good anymore an you believe I’ll never give you what you need. But that’s ok when in mind it’ll only 4 ever be what u need an I want that mutual love back.

I want he who has the calm to guides me with care an understanding. He’ll know Im still a woman at the end of the day. I’m your wife not your kid not your opponent not your project but you’ll never see it both ways an I can’t keep apologizing to a saint. I really do love u but Imma let you figure it out on your own bby. You broke my mf heart Lee on my spirit u did that.

All because you could never realize that your woman is a reflection of you. It was his job to lead and my job to nurture and care for us. But until that statement is fully understood…. No matter how many times this letter is read, it won’t get through to anyone, especially not through his thick ass head. We both failed and all I can see is red, but goodbye bby Im writing this letter to put this shit to rest! -Donnie Sharrell

One thought on “The last goodbye letter! 💌

  1. Damn but how can u say that when u don’t know how I feel or what I’m willing to give u? U just gone assume this n that but I’m open to tell u anything!! It’s up to u to believe me or not but we both know it’s not me.. it ain’t even u!! It’s the ppl n ur head n we actually talked about this but u still chose to do n think whatever!! How u gone ask me for something but ignore it when I give it to u?? U b running around so much now that u don’t even recognize me anymore 🤦🏿‍♂️when u slow down n actually look at things u will c the real n BS between us 💯 but I really don’t got no fight n this battle when I don’t even know who with me or against me!! It’s been almost 3yrs n u still don’t feel comfortable telling me certain things 🤨 some ain’t rite about that!! It’s things u keeping from me n things u hiding but only u can change that n to b honest I don’t think u believe u doin things wrong or think I can actually b who u need me to b!! Any man is at his best when he Kno his girl got his bk n give him that confidence he need💯 fr Dieaa I want u to sit bk n actually look at everything with us n I do mean everything!! N tell me do u think u treat me like the man u love or a man u just attracted to?? N when u c me trying to fight for us .. do u b stubborn on purpose or my efforts just ain’t living up to ur standards?? N u saying this ur last letter like u already moved on like wtf so u think u can let the world Kno u left me but u ain’t gotta tell me?? I just gotta figure it out huh?? I understand our situation but u knew what it was from the jump so if u feel like u just don’t want to do it no more please let me know or if it’s someone else n the picture please enlighten me!! I really don’t want any surprises just honesty 💯


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