Can I tell you? 💞 #poetry #expressive writing

Can I tell you..? Can I tell you how I tried to make a change, but I let anger beat me for my head again? Can I tell you how I get lost in thing’s because I try to make shit perfect but it’s true… Perfection is nonexistent and the beginning fades within.

Can I tell tell you how scary it is to begin again? How when people make up an image of you in their head you’ll never be you again to them. How sometimes the passion inside of me makes me seem borderline insane. Can I tell you how I do it all alone and in pain and still find time to be as beautiful as I am from my core to my smile? Can I tell you why and tell you how?

Can I tell you how love will Fuck you up, but not experiencing love will Fuck you up harder. Or how when you think you’ve found you’re match it’s not what it seems… That loss you take will fill your heart with rings of sorrow and leave your insides empty! Can I tell you how blissful peace is? How I’m quick to run when I feel them leaving before they can even leave me!

How about you let me tell you all the shit the broke me and made me… Me! Can I tell you why certain things hurt me the way they do? Or why I’m so triggered by you! Can I tell you that sometimes to stop loving someone you have to turn that love to hate? Or that when I’m in love that’s the biggest most beautiful nasty escape!

Can I tell you about all the losses I’ve took? How about how I pull myself up by myself so that’s the reason why there’s no room for games over in my bush. Can I tell you how I keep smiling through the rain? Let me tell you how my love is taken for granted and even when I’m willing to hold on I end up the one with the pain. Can I tell you? Would you listen if I did? Come here sit down, let me start from the beginning! -Donnie Sharrell

One thought on “Can I tell you? 💞 #poetry #expressive writing

  1. 😔 I felled u as a partner n myself as a man.. ig it’s true what they say! When u put something n their face they won’t even c it 🤦🏿‍♂️

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