That’s not it! #Musical/Poetry

Ain’t no way I’m stressing over your sexing when it’s evident its not hard for me to find a contender to give this sweet box a wrecking. See it’s not that and it’s not the fact that you played on my heart then you turned your back. That’s koo’ because I’m the miss that you’ll never forget yeah the one who rode you good and took care of your dog ass when you was sick. But still that’s not even it..

Being raised by men I already peeped that you was slick. Its just the principal because I was a real chick to you when you really didn’t even have shit. Again that’s not even it.. I know my role and I played it well, you played your position too up until I pulled your card and found out you’re not him. I’d take a bucket of shit to the throat before I love you again because you.. You are less than a man

Now look there’s no need to call or text remember you’re my ex. Ex means your rights to me are relinquished and you’re dead to me. This means fuck you and all the thing’s that you said to me! If I ever see you again I’d probably let you see the physical damage you’ve done to me. When we are done we are done and you’ll never again have love from me. But again that’s not it… Im just done speaking life into someone I had who lost the perfect bitch

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