Still loving you ❤️

I love you with no bias even in your darkest of moments, on your darkest days when the darkest cloud is lingering over you. I love you when My feet get heavy, my eyes get watery and my hands are stiff. Even when you aren’t loving me back I’ll love you

I’ll forever love you that way because once Upton a time you love me the same. I’ll love you that way because I remember the days when all it took was you to put a smile on my face. Because I seen a darkness in you that I will forever want to bring light too. Because even the darkness is a makeup of you that keeps me loving you

I love you with no judgment and no expectations. When My hands trimble and I can’t find the words to say I still love you. When we’ve moved on and there is nothing but the memory of our shared laughter to think back on.. I’ll still love you. When there is nothing else to be said and you are only a memory in my head.. I’ll still be loving you

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