Through the window I see! #Poem

Somber air, wet tree leafs and sulky suffocation that surround me as I watch through my bedroom window, this I see💧

I see with wavering heart aches that come an go through heartless acts of what shouldn’t have been portrayed onto me💧

I watch through the window as the rain drizzles down the tree trunk. As they dance off of the pavement I can hear their song singing to me💧

A tune that I know no one else can hear. It’s the drooping of the wet tree leafs that bring tears to me💧

Tears that I so often avoid, tears that mix in with the rain that bounces off of my window panels and down into a stream💧

A steam that no one else can see beyond the eyes of me💧

As the somber air surrounds me, I gaze out of my window feeling the sulky suffocation suffocating me💧

With a wavering heart I listen to my heart bleed a tune that no one else can hear, but me!💧-Donnie Sharrell

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