Moonlight Bright!

Oh luminous unearthly nightlight above, is my seeping passion because of you? Is it you who has chopped away my brightness to enlighten the darkness!

As you shine through the sharpest of cloudiness I can feel the system of rechargeable energy beaming down on my spiritual awakening! As you breathe your energy into me you become my guide!A guide that’s light-years away and can only be heard through the inner song that it and your spirit sings together

Oh full luminous nightlight are you responsible for the confusion and ultimate illusion that my heart feels? Are you shining full the reason for my inner thighs moistening and my chests heaving for passion?

It could be the rays of the star you are powering my love light, or the healing you posses speaking to my third eye! No matter what it may be I’ll bask in the light that you provide as you spoil and recharge the light in me! -Donnie Sharrell

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