Love stone!

Engraved in the stone of hearts is the ambition to love that can no longer be ignored. The engraved attachments that sit on our hearts attract me to the laws of attraction and love. Through these attractions I imprint myself on he who is my king for we are tied through a cosmic connection.

Etched in stone are the coordinates to the heart of the one you’re drawn too. The ambition of the heart is not to be led a stray by those who have no intention of imprinting on such a delicate mineral. I will look for what is engraved, to read and to learn, to study and the rewrite. To etch the scriptures that we create together on the stone that we share!

Engraved in the stone of hearts is the ability to forgive and to grow for love is an imprint. To imprint is to be forever within the attachments of scripture and devotion. I devote myself to the engravement of love for I am willing to focus on importing the words of my stone onto another. Imprinted on me is you and engraved on you’re stone is the written song of my heart.

We must keep the engraved stone secret and safe but not shielded against the possibility of what can be. We must rewrite the wrong that has been imprinted on our stones for that wrong does not belong. We must engrave our stone with the possibility of what can be rewritten. We must rewrite and carry our stones with confidence and care, but not hold that stone behind armored gates. We must trust someone to imprint their engravement on our stone without prejudice!

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