Letter 2 the heart! 💌

Dear little ole you…

The things you cannot ensure are the things you should not worry about. The goals you have set require you to keep your head on tight, shoulders upright, and your heart put up without foresight. We are a unit of love and ambition that must be set on track by precise humbleness and sight seeing. Every hurt you have encountered has taken a piece of you and been replaced with darkness and uncertainty. The love of the world cannot be trusted, bye can we be trusted with our own mission?

If you cannot choose the right caretaker for your heart, then how can you be trusted? If you cannot pick people who will give to you what you’ve given to them, then can you be trusted? I do not know why it is you’re so trusting with the heart changing love you posses. But I do know you cannot continue to do this. I do know we have to reset our hearts connection pattern, because the connections we’re making aren’t long-term and everlasting like we desire. We must choose to make a change in ourselves other then the one that’s been leading us down hill.

I’m not telling you don’t search for love because we are love, we strive for it, we feed off of it. What I’m saying is that you need to lead with caution and many sought after expectations. Do not go in expecting the other person to be built like you because you’re a gem. The way your heart is set up you need to be sure before you give yourself in full. Giving yourself has only worked to a certain extent, not only because you’ve given it so quickly in the first place, but also because once you’re given a fright you take it away.

Dear little ole you, protect yourself an the ones around you. Save your energy because we have a mission that we will complete. You can’t let the things in life that don’t matter get infront of what was there before them because your greatness was born first. If they can’t accept who you are and what you’ve overcome to be you, leave. It’s ok to begin again, even if you have to start over without them!

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