Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Starting Over)

Hey luvz! Lets sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we chat! Its okay to start over again because starting over allows you to do things differently. Its okay because in the art of starting over you're allowed to feel your feelings without criticism and you're able to find you again. Find … Continue reading Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Starting Over)

Energy sucker๐Ÿ””(AskDonya

Hey Luvz! Its been a minute so let's chat because...Imprinting & projecting energy onto others as well as having your energy stolen, is real! ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝ You can know yourself front to back, being who and what you naturally are and still have your energy stolen, or someone elses energy projected onto you. For example... Say … Continue reading Energy sucker๐Ÿ””(AskDonya

Captor my captor! pt2 #trigger #Short-story

Thanks for tuning in Luvzโ€ฆ Present: Colin watches me eat the food with intense excitement.โ€See I told you youโ€™d enjoy the food Nayja, now once you relax our friendship can begin.โ€ I wanted to cry so bad but the tears were stuck behind fear and confusion. โ€œI donโ€™t want to be your friend, i just want to … Continue reading Captor my captor! pt2 #trigger #Short-story