When It’s all said and done!

When its all said an done I held down My end of the deal until you broke yours! When its all said and done the energy you give you don’t want to be matched and that i can’t comprehend! When its all said and done I gave my all even when you were giving me nothing in return! Its not only my fight to fight, it’s not only my pain to feel, this pain will being too both of us. When its all said and done if what was built is constantly torn down I’ll run from those falling boulders every time until there’s someone to rebuild with me.

What’s taken away can’t be returned if the sender keeps changing their address. When its all said and done we both know you gave up first until you were ready to give what I’d already earned. This isn’t a blame game, but I’d there’s someone to blame and someone who should be FIXING us, that someone is you. When its all said and done I don’t regret any moment we shared because I loved every moment with you!

6 thoughts on “When It’s all said and done!

  1. Just had a moment recently that relates to this piece!! I understand now.. the things I was “tryin” to do for her were things she felt she already deserved!! I was so blind to so many things I’m surprised she didn’t leave me a long time ago with this one sided BS I had going on!!πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈbut I loved ur work 😍n u definitely opened my eyes to so much more!!πŸ˜‰


    1. The things she may of felt she deserved are things you could have given an taken away. You have to be willing to analyze every angle of love and support. Not only be supported but give it as well. I’m sure you’re not incapable of giving her exactly what she needs its just the matter of learned her again an learning what she needs. If you relate to this work then you probably CNN relate to her, show it, do it!😘😘😘

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      1. U have my word.. I won’t stop until she’s the happiest Queen n My 🌎 the drive n push I get from her is unnatural but it feels so rite… If not perfect for to me!!πŸ’―I’ll win her heart bk if that’s the last thing I do on this earth!!!


      2. I wish you nothing but the best at your mission. If it’s meant to be you’ll know it. If that’s what you want then show it! But You’ll do fine with or without her Im sure of that❀

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