Potential love

When it comes to finding a potential life partner we look for someone who has certain qualities. These qualities vary for different people who search for different types of love. No two people love the same but two different loves can most definitely compliment each other. I usually look for a partner with more of a compassionate and pleading love than mine. As I give a dreamy be as one love that I also can take away. When I take it away maybe from hurt or an unbalance in this safe dreamy world I’ve created… This is when I give a more of a rough judgmental love to my partner. The Its all about fixing it and resentment them feeling what they made me feel type of love.

See it’s easy for some people to lose themselves in love, especially when they feel like it’s real. No two people lose themselves the same either. For some you lose it by engulfing yourself in the other. What I mean by that is you forget about you and everything you want, to give this person what u believe to be the best version of you. You’re confidence in the art of love and in yourself dips drastically and anger and resentment start to silently build. Some lose themselves after disappointment and the image that you built around the other person starts to fold. This is when all the trying goes out the window and the person the other fell in love with starts to disappear until even you can’t find you.

Stop looking for the qualities you want in a person and look for the ones you need. See knowing what u need becomes a challenge because having what u need will feel like a fight sometimes. When a person gives you what it is your heart needs and you’re not use to it this is when you become suspicious and things start to feel off, you start to feel attacked. But its not attacking you’re relearning yourself and that’s hard because now every fault is out in the open, you now become vulnerable. Look luvz don’t run from what it is you need because it’s a bit harder than what you thought you wanted. Be patience and willing to learn yourself in love again! -Donnie Sharrell

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