Dirty Christmas carols! 🎄1

Hearts crashing in the snow… when the hurt wont allow you to go cold… There will be repetition when Santa’s reindeer put their sticks in all your holes… Hey!

Silent night… every winter doesn’t have to be a lonely night.. Let all the bullshit go… Get you someone to hold exertion if he’s a hoe lay together, silently at night…

Come on ring those bells do not tell that Santa called you a hoe…! Might as well kick it while letting santa put his Dick in… But as he pokes it don’t do any choking and remind Santa to ring that bell…

Dashing through the snow while the wives fiddle themselves santa know but he laughs the entire way…. Cocks and candy out as they head on back to the north pole…

We wish you a marry Christmas hope you don’t wind up dickless for the sake of all the nasty things you do…! Good timing will save your peter for you and your friends, don’t stick it in with out protection because we hope to see you again…

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