Pillow of love💘

Her head rests on a soft pillow, mind filled with images of what’s to be and how to do it. Her legs spread apart as he dip his finger’s in and out of her tantalizing potion a then pull your fingers out to taste the wet magic of love. Her head rests on a soft pillow as he runs his free hand over her glistening half exposed breasts, and leans down to kiss her stomach. Her head rests, her eyes tightly closed shut as his kisses get lower and lower. He lets her head rest on a soft pillow as he softly kisses her lower lips and rubs his hands between her thighs.

Her head rests on a soft pillow, body filled with bliss and freaky Steam as he takes control. Devouring his meal not once does he allow her head to leave the pillow. With the month of love in full affect he lets her feel every expression of the word through their body to body exchange. As he slips inside he shifts the pillow to the side and climbs inside of loves magical pool of juices. Her head lays on a soft pillow as the strokes of passion run through her. As they give into one another he rests his head on that same pillow beside her soaking up her energy!

As her head rests on the soft pillow, the orgasm starts where he enters. He pushes her legs back onto the pillow as he dips in and out of his safe place with a hard face and a soft touch. Their bodies intertwine as he sexes her mind, body, and spirit. Her head lays on a soft pillow as they create soul ties that get stronger and stronger as cum flows and they stare into each others eyes. -Donnie Sharrell

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