Why so cold…

He asked her why She’s so cold to him and her response was one that caught him by surprise. It didn’t make him mad but it made him realize…

She said.. When I was at my lowest you didn’t pull me up you kicked on me! When I needed you to wipe my tears you told me to suck it up.. I had to wipe my own. When I was hurt you wiped my wounds with alcohol. As I was falling apart you blamed me. As I screamed you closed your ears so you couldn’t hear me calling for you to show up there. She said once you hurt me you no longer stopped to check on me because you ceased to care! You asked me for a peace that you could not provide. Instead of uplifting you called out my faults and that was all I needed to see to know that you really didn’t have my back.

When she was done speaking he asked her what it was he could do to fix them.. Her response was “you lose” because to her there is no right answer for a man who knows exactly what happened for him to get that version of you!

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