Donyaz Corner Tea Time#8

Thanks for tuning in luvz! lets sit back in our Corner cut and sip tea while we discuss the effects of low blows

We’ve discussed the affects of arguing in healthy ways within a relationship before. Now we’re going in depth with what that means! When arguing we tend to say the meanest thing we can, trying to hurt the person we’re into it with. This is wrong! The reason people start arguing most times is because they feel like they aren’t being heard, ontop of feeling disrespected and or hurt.

When all those emotions build up in two people an argument ensues and this isn’t always a bad thing. What we need to learn how to do is pick the pieces that hurt the most and learn to express that without trying to make the other person feel what you’re feeling. Meaning you need to think about what upset you the most and stick with it, don’t go astray when things get heated. Believe me things will get heated because what you feel or your perception of things isn’t going to be the same as theirs. This means you have to learn how to take others feelings with a grain of salt and not downplay it.

No… not every argument is going to be easy because of these techniques, but most will. Actually my steps of listen, assess, breathe, and respond may help to prevent allot of arguments before they even begin. (I’ll save my steps lessons for another one of our blogs though)! We have to learn to put ourselves in others Life spaces and learn to justify our feelings the way we do our own. Low blows can turn into deep scars which have a long lasting affect on relationships.

Remember luvz… exactly how you would feel when something is throw at you by blow, is exactly how The other person would feel. You can’t expect to toss a low blow and not get one back, so why do it? Once it’s done there’s no going back and the whole point of the argument is lost. Again luvz if you’re going to argue, you need to argue in the healthiest Manor as possible which means No Low Blows! -Donnie Sharrell

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