Given Tale #short story #cult mystery #awareness

As the dinner bell rings out through the cool fall air, Sannie jolts into action racing across the miles long daisy fields and up to the house. The entire family had already gathered at the dinner table by the time Sannie made it in, but no one says a word. She’d always been the outcast, living in her head, always running alone, and never participating in family unity. Why would she, you can’t fully be in something if you don’t understand that something, right? But Sannie wasn’t alone in the misunderstanding of her families unity, everyone who wasn’t apart of the family questioned it too!

Once dinner was done, the ladies of the family straighten up before everyone meets in the big barn for what the family called “consulting.” The family was a big one, it was a bunch of small families and drifters that became one under the guidance of father. Like most consulting meets, Sannie gets lost in her mind, but this meet goes a bit different then she had expected. Father decides to give his daughter a mission, one that she’d never forget. One that would brighten every doubt Sannie had about her so called family.

“Hello Sannie nice to finally meet you I’m Roan, How was your trip”?
Sannie straightens her blouse trying her hardest not to make contact with the young gentleman who stood directly in front of her. He was dressed well, with skin a peachy color, and he wasn’t too much older then Sannie. He had to be around twenty-five or twenty-six which made her even more uncomfortable. He grabs her by the face and leans in real closely to her face smelling her lips.

“You’re shy now father told me so. That’ll change real soon beautiful but right now we have work to do so undress an follow me.” Roans demand was beyond absurd to Sannie, she’d never been naked infront of anyone outside of the family before. Not being one to ask twice Roan does the duty for her, ripping every inch of clothing off of Sannies body piece by piece. He grins at the sight of her fully expose body. “When they said all you cult girls had the best bodies… I had no idea.”

Roan leads Sannie to a room full of canvases. The room had some of the most magnificent paintings, wax figures, and clay work that she’d ever seen. Roan Places her behind an easel and takes a few moments to position her body exactly how he wanted it before he sits behind it.
“We’re gonna make beautiful art work Sannie. All you have to do is obey and follow my lead, you’re my prize to show.”

The soft manipulative tone that Roan spoke in shook Sannie’s soul. She stood infront of the easel over eight hours before she was given a food tray and shown to her room.
“Everything in this room is yours, even the things in the bathroom. Get comfy we have a date tomorrow and these guest’s are full of energy. Especially in October” Roan grins. Sannie stood frozen in front of the door holding back tears as the lock on the door clicks from the outside locking her in!-Donnie Sharrell

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