BlackOut 3. #Short-story #Flash fiction #writing

Leo passes right by his wife as hes leaving the police station. She was sitting in the lobby crouched in a chair with her head lowered and her hair tired up under a cardinals baseball cap. Once Leo had left the station, Rissa springs into action letting guilt and curiosity blindly lead her way.
“Excuse me, may I please speak to someone about why my husband was kept here? I asked like thirty minutes ago” Rissa nags the receptionist for the next fifteen minutes with no luck.

“look, Im his wife i have the right to know why he was questioned”!
Rissa was so busy trying the receptionist that she didn’t notice the detective come from the back, she’d been watching her the entire time.
“Who ever said he’d been questioned”?
The lady detectives voice was condescending and questioning! Rissa regretted her decision to come there as soon as she and the detective lock eyes.

“I overheard a message on our answering machine that he tried to delete.”
Rissa was smart and she knew her first test from the cop was If she was trustworthy, or if she was playing the cover up wife. The detective leads Rissa into what some would call a cozy decoy interrogation room, where they sit down across the table from each other. “So tell me Mrs.Nash, why didn’t your husband tell you he had a meeting here with me and my partner today? Also why didn’t you speak to him on his way out? You two had to of passed one another.”

Rissa swallows down the lump in her throat and holds her composure.
“You can call me Rissa, detective”…?
The lady cop cuts her eyes at the young wife! There was something in Rissas eyes that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, but it had her attention.
“Detective Tier.”
Rissa shoots the curly headed lady a half grin then goes back to acting.
“I don’t know why my husband keeps secrets from me detective Tier, and because he’s so secretive I didn’t want him to see me here”.

Detecting Tier nods her head and sits back in her chair with a stone cold expression, trying to read the wife. “Tell me, how is your marriage”? Rissa could feel her palms starting to sweat so she folds them together.
“Look detective Tier if you’re asking Me if my husband sleeps around… Yes I’m sure he does but that doesn’t mean we aren’t in love”.
The detective goes straight in trying to get some kind of reaction out of Rissa.
“Mrs.Nash, Do you know a Sammi Pitone”?

“Nope! Should I know this person”?
The detective shrugs her shoulders,
“Your husband’s the one having an affair with her, not mine. Well he was, she’s been missing almost a week now”.
Sammi grins at the detective hiding the fact the she’d stuck a nerve just then. “My husband is like any other unstable male, they creep. But no I don’t know the names of his creeps detective Tier. As for this missing Sammi, is my husband a suspect“?

The detective sucks her teeth, she couldn’t shake the feeling she had about Rissa, something was just off about the woman.
“Your husband’s story checks out, I’ll be in touch with both of you, thanks for coming in Mrs.Nash”?
The lady cop stands and extends her long bony hard out too Rissa. She gladly accepts the hand shake and quickly makes her exit, but not too quickly that she seemed nervous! Once Rissa was a ways away from the police station, she calls Leo to put her next play in motion.

Leo picks up on the third ring which was new, he sounded a little sad!
“Hey honey I was just thinking about you.”
“Oh yeah..”
Rissa giggles like a school girl as she heads for the bank. Even though it was a lie, Leo chuckles at his wife’s bubbly response. It had been a while since she’d been bubbly toward him of all people, he kind of missed that.

“Yes ma’am! So what are you up too baby? Sounds Like you’re in the car”. Rissa thinks quick on her feet as usual. “Gotta drop off a few letters for work, at the post office”.
Leo gets caught up talking to someone at work Just as his wife pulls up outside of their bank.
“Lets got out for dinner tonight Leo. You’ve been stressed we’ve been fighting. Please, I’ll be dressed when you get home i promise you won’t have to wait around on me”. Reluctantly, Leo agrees to go to dinner with his wife not knowing that he was just helping fuel the madness! TO BE CONTINUED-Donnie Sharrell

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