AskDonya (constructive Self release )

Ok Luvz let’s chat about a topic that is well needed.

I’m going to be honest as I always do! With that being said, I am going to be honest and say that I haven’t been practicing constructive self release up until here recently. I was in a place where I felt sunken. I felt Dark with no creative passion and it was affecting everything around me. My response to this was to disconnect emotionally, drink, shut down and isolate ones spiritual self from everything else inside. This may have been because I was lost on the journey of my vision, but I can honestly say I needed to be in they lost dark hole to claw my way back out again!

Recently I had a spiritual cleanse that led me to a place of sight. This is where I cried, I got angry, I opened up and let the gods of my ancestors have it. This is where I got back to me! I started to workout again, meditate, read, write, and most of all breathe. Being able to do these things is where I was able to release in a constructive manor. This is because a constructive release helps to open the third eye, it helps us become one with our mental and spiritual selves.

The most important thing we can do is to let our third eye remain open and healthy. If you’re not being constructive such as, expanding your mind in literature, staying active, getting your private time for spiritual listening and engaging in the art of love..! Then you’re not expanding the third eye which leads you on the path of our destiny’s. Everyone has their own way of practicing constructive self release and as long as it’s healthy and mind expanding then no way is wrong my Luvz.

Getting on the right path and creating a pattern of constructiveness is an entire different struggle, believe me I can relate. Everything in life takes work, even devoting yourself to being one with ourselves. Don’t rush the process because the process is your own! Start off slow by reading nightly, then get a morning routine that evolves something that directs your day toward a positive light. Our entire life is grounded off of patterns, so a pattern of creative self release is what we have to create.

Don’t get caught up in the work that you have to do. Hang onto the new endeavors of self care. Onto what it is you can do to raise the frequency that taps into your spiritual light which opens one third eye. We will continue to practice the ins and outs of constructive self care and not focus on life’s negatives together. The only mind can be a good or bad place to hide, but once we tap into ourselves, the journey becomes nothing more than another pattern. -Donnie Sharrell

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