Schizophrenic Split!

As they chatter among themselves I listen. I listen trying to decipher between the emotions that all 9 of them seem to feel. What they feel I feel, what they think I try to avoid thinking because an evasion of thought is an evasion of privacy. A privacy that I’ve never known because knowing that privacy means not knowing them. For they are the spark that feeds the brain that we share between the 9 of us.

The 9 of us that causes confusion in all areas that need only 1. I am the one who owns the chair that we share between us, or am I? Will I ever be alone or is being alone in my own mind forbidden? The thing’s I will never know the answer to are the things that we as a unit wonder about. For wondering is normal, but wondering times 9 inside one brain is where the locks start to break.

The locks that only I can break because I am who owns the chair, or do I? Wishful thinking is all I can do! Hoping that everyone will stay in the mental rooms that I’ve created is wishful thinking, when fighting for the chair is a usual. The fight is endless, will I lose the fight to be the one? Will I be the one who beats the odds and hides the beast that rumbles behind the 9? As I listen to them chatter amongst themselves, I try and decipher between the emotions that all 9 of us share! –Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “Schizophrenic Split!

  1. Most might b lost but he who knows the truth.. have the key!! Will u allow him to open doors u never knew were there or will he forever have that key?? That key that only fits ur locks….


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