Nodika’s sexual excursions (car sports)

There was a softness in the May air so of course I had the windows let down so it could blow through my course hair. The tip of my bright yellow sun hat lifted a little as I reached my hand out the window to feel the air. It had been a while since Mr and I had taken a drive through the trees, just the two of us and the nature around us. Mr keeps one hand on the steering wheel and my hand cuffed in his other. For the longest we didn’t speak any words, and when we did speak it was about the things we seen infront of us. Us swapping our love language in our safe place of affection and connection.

With the vibe set so smoothly, the air softly blowing on my butterscotch skin, and the feeling of Mr’s skin on mine, I started to feel my nasty spark awaken. I bring my hand back in the window to pull my sun dress up to my thighs, and guide his hand over my soft skin. Mr doesn’t go for it, no he just caresses my inner thighs kind of in a massaging manor. I reach up to rub the back of his head, he had the biggest most perfect head that I had ever seen. We use our hands to feel each others inner heat as Mr pulls off to the space of fields beyond the trees. He had me in seclusion, nothing but air waves to carry our sounds, this is where he kills the car engine.

Mr leans over and pulls me in for a bottom lip biting lock, a soft one. His mood was kind of somber, he was definitely in multiple places today. I hold his chin in my hand and try sucking whatever it was, out through breaths of passionate tongue memorization. Mr folds into his seat as I climb over the console to straddle him. See Mr and I had a wicked love passion that was hard to understand, unless you got to see us in expressing action. He starts to rub his massive hands up my bare thighs rounding my ass cheeks then over again he’d go, knowingly arousing me more an more.

I kiss him from his lips, over to his ears, and down his perfectly muscular neck. His heart beat was fastening, so was mine as he rubs my now glossy in between. “Baby, did you bring me a fun tool”? I don’t respond I climb in the back meeting sure to keep my feet visible on each seat. Mr doesn’t see it at first, until he goes to lean both seats down and face me. A huge naughty grin flashes across his face! He bites his bottom lip grabbing on to my ankles then raising them in the air making the metal cuffs clink together.

I put on a high pitched prep girl voice and turn my face up real funny like! “I brought you something else too Mr, wanna’ see it”? He raises an eyebrow and grabs a handful of my Nani. He growls when he speaks looking me straight in my eyes asserting full dominance over the situation.“Nuhuu’ Baby, I demand to see it.” My entire body gives into this man, yes I obey.

I sit up and push him back into the dashboard so that I could reach in the glove compartment. He watches me with that stern face that made my entire body melt in orgasmic passion, as I slip the bullheaded cock-ring onto his attentive member. My body was inches between the lowered seats as I take him into my mouth. It had to be sloppy, we needed to feel each other’s wicked. That was the mission as I let the slobber build up around my lips while I took Mr into my throat. Here he gyrated his hips in a quickened manor so that his swollen piece was hitting my tonsils as I massaged him with my throat muscles.

My hands were cupping mrs juiciness downstairs so she wouldn’t drip all over the seats. Mr had one hand on my chin now making me look up at him while I sucked on the tip of him. His teeth were gritting as I massaged his fully loaded genitals. Mr pulls me off of his head, “Woah woah woah! Turn all the way around.” I answer his demand where Mr immediately pushes me down into an arch and grabs me by the ankles, he grabs the cuffs and locks them together.“Now Baby I want you to slide your panties off real slow while I spread you open” he demands.

I flip my sun dress up over my head and slowly remove the now soaked lace thong while Mr does as he said he would, spreads my cheeks apart. My panties don’t come all the way off because he’d cuffed my ankles. He leans in and licks me around my puckered hole and down to my wetness where he slurps me up with the power of his thick lips. He pushes my legs apart causing the cuffs to slightly dig into my skin. Then stuffs his middle finger into my butthole after leaving a slurp of spit on it with his wet tongue. “Ugh Mr I like the way you’re doing that, it feels so good..!” I moan out in pleasure!

My eyes pop out of my head when Mr pulls me by the hips and fits himself into my tsunami. He leans back and grips the middle of the cuffs from behind as he digs deep inside of me from a side angle. My face was pushed up against the backseat as I used one hand to hold onto the top of the seat, and the other to spread my lower lips apart. I could feel every part of his emotions as he attentively stroked my spot. “Fuck me back Baby.Yeah like that..!” Of course I obey Mr in the most submissive way possible squeezing my kegels as I threw my hips into him.

“Please choke me Mr”? I beg as I throw my head back so he could get a good grip. Mr honors my request, he wraps his huge manly hands around my throat and squeezes, cutting off my air supply in short increments. This of course causes my honey pot to start leaking all over his swollen piece. I hear him suck a finger an then yet another surprise, once I feel his huge finger being popped into my butthole.   “Oh my goodness Mr yes… fuck me harder! With your middle finger” I demand.

He obliges now up on his feet in the frog sitting position, and he was handling me too. The entire car was rocking and the windows had began to fog up at a fierce pace. Mr pulls me up into the same position and I hold myself up to slide up and down on his rod. From the tip and back down to the base leaving my sticky white gloss with every dip. I turn to look back at this magnificent art piece of a man locking eyes with my dominant. There was a growling sound coming from deep inside of him that only turned me on even more.

I was having an out of body experience as I rolled my hips and bounced up and down with his guidance. Mr released his grip on my neck and uses his hand to massage my swollen clitoris. I had him by the back of his neck so I’d have more grip to hunch him back.“Bite me” I demand as I felt my orgasm starting to fill up inside of me.“How hard”? It was almost there especially since I could feel him starting to jerk inside of me.

“Bite me hard Mr..! Oh my god I’m about to cum everywhere, Please real hard” I moan out damn near screaming. Mr grips me by a handful of my hair yanking me back toward him before taking a mouthful of the nap of my neck into his mouth, he clenches on real deep. My body immediately starts to shake but I couldn’t stop, we were lost in each other in the middle of nowhere. “Give it to me Baby, I can feel her tightening up… That’s my nut an I want it.” Mr was oozing testosterone as he gave me his full length in the scooting chair position.

Clearly he knew my body, because right when I was about to lose the fight he scoots to the side, leans me back, and spreads my legs apart all in one motion. There is where Mr starts to press on my walls and it doesn’t take long for him to get exactly what he’d come looking for. “Oh my goodness yes… There baby it’s right there!” I scream as the liquid cum starts to squirts all over his legs an seats. Mr pulls my legs back to my ears and starts to jerk as we sync up and he starts to give me the biggest creampie he’d given me in a long time.

Once the water works had stopped we both lay in back, me resting on his chest, cuffs still locked to my ankles. We didn’t need to speak after we’d just shared our wicked connection. He leans in and plants a kiss on my forehead. He was still inside of me resting as we looked through the window fog at the land beyond the trees. It was them who’d just heard our groans of passion, and the way his heart was calling for me, it was the land beyond that would be hearing them too! -Donnie Sharrell

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  1. OMG!! 🤦🏽‍♂️So picture perfect.. it’s gone b hard to get this image out my head!! This is some amazing work.. keep it up!! U give ur readers exactly what they want.. n need😉

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