As a matter of fact😒

If I can’t have it in full, I don’t want the shit at all! I don’t want just a little, where I keep giving and never receive. Because what I require I know you damn sure have so I refuse to only get half of what you promised to me. You want what you want and that I was down to submit too, but being the one treated like the outcast, the bottom feeder, that I’ll let you have, yeah you! See it was all fun and games when it was me crying. Now it’s the blah blah blah blah blah cause you gotta deal with the fact you had a hand in making my heart cast iron!

It’s loyalty of everything to fot me, even love. Because even if the love dries up for a moment, if there’s loyalty between the two over all else there’s no question that we have each others backs and best interest through and through. I’ve been loyal to a fault my entire life, so yes I take it personally when someone gives me doubt in that area, now for me that’s when it becomes a fight! But not so much between the other person and I, but it’s a battle with self that starts to torture the chambers that be, inside. That’s why if I can’t have it, I don’t want any of it at all!

See my planet is mercury, im giving by nature but also powerful on my own. The battle of never receiving is one that I fight alone. They’ve taken from me certain trinkets that can never be returned, but my soul planet can not be sustained on just giving and giving alone. I always go all in, and maybe that’s why im prone to the curse of heart break and why I expect this same full-fledged in return. Yes I’m capable of giving one everything they need, Im also capable of taking it away and bringing the most masculine of masculine men to his knees.

What I require is the same power I can prove. It’s better to have your twin flame not against you, but rather on your side. See the sinister in me wants it all not just half. I’ll teach you to give it to me but after my teaching there will be a bigger test that he who is worthy must past. When you’re use to giving, like me, it is good to know what it is you require from he who you plan to give the key of your heartbeat. See I know because I’ve experienced all the things I didn’t want, so the deals off if I can’t have it all like you promised me in that summertime month!

6 thoughts on “As a matter of fact😒

  1. I take it that special someone lost this battle!! Or did u make the decision for him?? It don’t really look like u bn considerate of what he may b going thru or his opinion on things!! I understand I don’t know the whole story but did u ever ask his outlook on the whole situation or what was he struggling with n the relationship?? What he needed from u n what could he offer to make things better?? Just a thought 😉 very enlightful piece btw💯

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    1. I was consideration but i really didn’t have to ask him anything he was always telling me exactly what it was he was leaving from me. Honestly its the only thing he started to tell me Is what he needs from me and what i wasn’t giving. Now everything was being said none was listening only blaming but we made the decision together. Thanks for the read!

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      1. Maybe he was speaking out of pain or he was tryna save what y’all had!! Don’t count him out just bcuz he spoke what was on his mind.. try to hear him out n c the mistakes that was made n try to correct them!! It’s not alot of love out here these days.. when u find it u should try to keep it as long as possible cuz u never know if u will find it again!!💯


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