Do you mind!

Do you mind if I sit and pour my heart out for you? Do you mind if I tell you how much I enjoy your smile and value your time? I do, I enjoy the being that is you, I love the way you look me in my eyes when I respond to you. Let me tell you that the whole of you is embedded in my soul and the way I feel about u wont let up. Every word you speak hides itself in my heart and that’s probably why letting you go is so tough. Tough because I want you, tough because you’re mine, tough because you made me enjoy only giving you my time.

Do you mind if I hold you close when I see you to fill up on your scent. Smell the smell that is you so I can store it in my love bank and never forget. See I was wondering do you mind if I tell you how much I needed you, you to be the one. I needed for you to be it because after you Im sure that having endings is done. Do you mind if I whisper how much I care for you in your ear? Tell you how you’re perfect even your imperfections I love. Would you mind hearing me name off my favorite attributes about you?

See im trying to see if you mind me taking my time to learn you again! Do you mind if I sit in silence and listen to you breathe? I would like to learn the pattern of your breaths because your breaths are like life to me. Do you mind if I implant myself into your heart and stay? Because once I’m inside its damn near impossible to get rid of me. Do you mind if we go back to the beginning and try to seep into each others souls? Getting to know the in and out of what the other truly wants!

I don’t mind admitting that I was wrong! I crossed boundaries lost myself and see that there was beyond lame. Do you mind if I apologize for getting out of character? If when we meet again I let you learn the real me again? See I know that my heart was all in, but would you mind if I remembered our beginning as the end. Do you mind that all are love was lost in pain? Im asking because I mind and I’m damn sure not happy with it! With love I ask but an answer I do not expect! I seek you in a higher plane than we both can understand. But I’ll ask again, do you mind if I tell you you that I’ll always love you and that I appreciate you being good to me? -Donnie Sharrell

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