Do you rememberđź’š #poetry

Do you remember the good times that built the love we have for each other? The smiles that lasted so long it made our face hurt. The smiles that stretched so wide we would see them coming from miles and hours away. Do you remember the days that seemed to fly by even though we would talk for 12 hours straight? Those days when nothing else mattered but what pointless thing that we needed to say that would come about in our day.
I was sitting in my meditation space thinking about all the great things that could have been. I was wondering if you remembered our first I love you? That feeling of nervousness, of excitement and light headedness. That heart pounding that could be heard up in the clouds followed by peace an safeness. Do you remember the passion that our love carried? That body tingling, heat seeking, eye cutting passion that even the people around us could feel.
Do you remember when you felt as if we had nobody else in our corner you knew you had me and I had you? That feeling that what we have is unbreakable, when nobody else was in our view but us and out future goals. Do you remember when the laughs were so great and hard that we would damn near choke to death? When we would break real tears of happiness and fall over in pain from the goofiness. Do you remember when you felt like you were blessed with your befriend? The feeling of finding the other version of yourself that you've been searching for, for what felt like a lifetime.
I had to ask myself those thing's to get through the day. I had to sit and think of all the times I will not regret so that I won't think of us as my biggest regret. With all the negativity as it came to an end I just wanted to shine some positive light. I was just wondering if you remembered the good times that built the love that we had for each other? 

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