Donyaz Corner Tea Time (relationship let downs)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Lets sit back in our corner cut an sip tea while we discuss Let downs within relationship’s…

Let me start by saying that all let downs leave scars. But it’s the let downs that come from the person you’ve chosen to love and share a soul tie with that effects us the most. Why? Because when you open up to someone you are untimely trusting them with your full heart. When someone has your heart they’re supposed to have your best interest as well, they’re supposed to protect it and stand behind you.

When this changes and that person you let in hurts you, it becomes war within self. This reflects onto the relationship because now the trust and bond has been broken. A let down doesn’t have to be a huge betrayal like cheating, It can be as small as a lie or not communicating with your partner. It can be them not holding up their end of the deal in the relationship, or avoiding it all together. Your partner is supposed to be your rock, plain and simple.

There will always be small let downs within any relationship. You learn to pick and choose which battles to address within the union because not every battle is worth addressing. With Love comes hurt, but you need to make sure that the hurt you give isn’t going to be so damaging that it becomes a window for unspoken pain. The person you choose to love will ultimately become your confidant an safe haven, Protect this union!

Remember that tiny let downs can add up. Watch, address and identify the whole of it so that you won’t keep repeating the same mistakes. Remembering that you are your spouses safe haven will help you identify with them. By doing this you’ll also be able to connect with them and identify what trigger’s the letdown so you can avoid this. Now this may seem like work, but isn’t their work to be done in any relationship?-Donnie Sharrell

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