Diamond N’ The Rough πŸ’Ž4. (The conclusion)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Lets continue…..

As Julies’s eyes crept open he began to panic, realizing he was confined to his lazy boy and couldn’t move made the dominate male furious. Diamond stood in front of him with a bottle of Captain Morgan in one hand, and a partially thawed ribeye in the other.
“How was your nap honey”?
Her voice was uneven and horsed, and there was absolutely no expression on her face at all. Julies jerks at her but the only thing that moves is his head, which only amuses his scorned wife.

“Oh honey stop fighting, you aren’t going anywhere u always want the best of everything, right? Houses, cars, vacations, jobs, women, and even boat ties.”
He tries to curse at his young wife but the duct tape muffles his words. Diamond laughs aloud and as quick as lighting strikes, she smacks Julies across the face hard enough to bring tears to his eyes. His entire body starts to convulse as fury shoots through every part of his being.

Diamond steps back to take a drink with captain and use the cool piece of meat for her bruising ribs. She walks over to her husband, sits the bottle at his feet before ripping the duct tape off and straddling his lap.
“You know I’m gonna kill you right”? Diamond looks Julies dead in his eyes drowning out every evil he spoke. In that hazed manor, Diamond grabs the liquor and forces the bottle into his mouth lifting it all the way up.

Diamond watches as her husband chokes on the potent liquid. She pushes the bottle deeper into her husbands mouth with every word she spoke.
“That’s what being married to you feels like nicca! It fucking BURNS, IT Burns everything inside of you down to pieces and I HATE YO...!
Before Diamond could finish her sentence someone comes from behind and yanks her from Julies’s lap.

“What the hell are you doing Diamond?”
Courtney knocks the empty Captain Morgan bottle to the ground a shakes her friend by the shoulders.
“The bitch is crazy that’s what’s wrong! Come untie me now” Julies demands.
Diamond looks through Courtney with tears in her eyes.
“Its ok Court go pack my things please. Im leaving with you.”

Courtney reluctantly does what her friend asks her to do leaving Diamond alone with her husband once again. She retapes his mouth before disappearing out of eye sight for a few moments. As soon as Diamond comes back and Julies lays eyes on what was in his wife’s hands he goes back to uselessly trying to free himself. Diamond slides a pin into his fingers and helps her husband sign every line looking him dead in his fir red eyes.

Cortney comes bank down looking at the mess her bestie had made with mixed emotions. She always knew something bad would go down, but Diamond had snapped the hell out.
“We can’t leave this place like this Diamond! So now what”?
The bruised up wife hands Courtney a folder and pulls a small pill from the entertainment stand.
Imma’ put him to sleep! All we have to do is clean up while we wait and once he’s sleep we’ll untie him.” Courtney was a little afraid to protest doing the right thing to her friend right now so naturally she agrees, hell why not Julius ass deserved it, right?

She helps diamond force-feed the pill to Julius but she couldn’t help but to feel bad for him, even if she wasn’t going to help the bastard.
“This ass-hole showed me how to do everything I needed to take everything he worked his ass off for. He’ll have nothing and there’s nothing he can do about it because he signed it all away.” Diamond laughs in her husband’s face like a mad women as she watches Julies start to doze off.

As country follows her friend out of her old life headed onto a new one her stomach hurt. It hurt because she knew a sleeping monster have been awakened inside of Diamond. She knew that her befriends Journey will never be the same and neither would her heart. All the scars, love Trauma,fake love, abuse and control had simply made… A diamond in the rough! -Donnie Sharrell

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